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Bee Pest Control by Pest Control Services Hastings

Honey bees are a very advantageous insect in our environment and only on occasion does their presence constitute a pest problem. If bee nests are treated with insecticides, then it is important that as much of the nest is removed as possible following the treatment to prevent any non target foraging bees entering the nesting site and taking away any contaminated honey.

Pest Control Services Hastings Explain How To Deal With Pest Bees

The principal species of bee that sometimes cause problems in the UK are the honey bee, bumble bee and masonry bee although there are actually thousands of different species. Further information on bees on your property can be found from the British Beekeepers Association who can also help with the removal of honey bee swarms. Bees need a certain amount of protection but you can contact the British Beekeepers Association to find out more.

Pest Control Services Hastings are able to deliver an effective bee control solution to suit your requirements. Pest Control Services Hastings are reluctant to use pesticides on bees nests unless absolutely necessary due to protection guidance for these insects.

Pest Control Services Hastings Provice Bumble Bee Pest Control In Hastings

Pest Control Services Hastings operate across Hastings with 20 years experience in all areas of residential and commercial pest control.

When you call Pest Control Services Hastings, the operator will be able to tell you what sort of bees you have, usually either bumble bees, honey bees or a wild species such as masonry or mining bees, there are many sub species of wild bees within these groups.

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When it comes to a bee infestation, Pest Control Services Hastings have a number of methods to remove them safely from a property. Contact our Pest Control Services Hastings bee specialist today for information on bee removal from your property.

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